Keeps you in the flow

Your daily companion for developing data streaming applications.
Data Exploration

Understand the data and find the right data set

Monitor & explore data

Enjoy direct insights into your data and create views of your data with extensive filtering and export functions.

Sort & search data
Extensive filtering (through the UI or with JavaScript)
Calculate values on the fly using JavaScript
Save as views for reuse later

Create & share views

Views allow you to save and share individual data extracts and create reports based on filtering criteria and transformations.

Spreadsheet-like UI with columns, sorting and filtering
Create a view that shows your critical data sets
Easily access the report on a daily basis
Also ideal for giving non-technical users access to data
Export as CSV if required

Speaks your data type

Kadeck comes with many codecs for key, values and header information. If you still are missing a codec, you can simply write and load one of your own.

Structured data such as JSON, Avro, Protobuf
Numeric types such as Integer, Float, Long and Double
Text such as plain String, or single and multi-line CSV
Extendable by your own custom codec
Supports reading & writing data to streams
Data Management

The control center for your data streams

Data routing & export

Select records and forward them to a stream, or export them as a table.

Multi-select all or specific records
Send selected or all records to different streams
Export records as CSV or JSON
Copy records from one to another stream

No more stream clutter

Never waste time searching for the right stream again.
Organize your streams using labels and data owners.

Overview of all streams in your clusters
Easily find the right data stream
Delete or empty multiple streams
Keep track of your project's streams

Ingest data with one click

Quickly create one or multiple records to copy data, send
corrected records for reprocessing, or create test data.

Ingest multiple records at once
Send data to another stream
Support for record headers
Use the built-in codecs or your own custom codecs
Data Transformation

Correct erroneous data sets or extract information

JavaScript goes live

Transform and filter records in real-time with the power of JavaScript.
Save your code as part of a view for later reuse.

Run JavaScript on live data
Use JavaScript to filter and transform data
Stateful calculations support (e.g., averages, grouping)
Route transformed records to other streams
Connectivity & Security

Securely connect to multiple clusters

Manage multiple clusters

Kadeck is capable of managing multiple environments and supports Apache Kafka, Redpanda and Amazon Kinesis.

Manage multiple connections from one place
SSL (with custom keystore), SASL,
Basic & Bearer for Schema Registry & Kafka Connect
All Apache Kafka variants, Amazon Kinesis & Redpanda

Test environment in 3, 2, 1

If you need a local Apache Kafka broker for testing, you can start a local Apache Kafka broker directly via Kadeck or use our All-In-One Box.

Start a local Apache Kafka broker locally
Flexibly configure Apache Kafka the way you like
Use our All-In-One Box for a full dev environment
Kafka Components

Everything in one place

Schema management

Manage schemas, versions and schema references.

Connect to Schema Registry
Manage schemas and versions
Reference other schemas
Supports Protocol Buffer, Avro and JSON

Kafka Connect

A wizard helps you setup Kafka Connect connectors. Kadeck shows all available configuration settings of the Kafka Connect connector.

Manage multiple Kafka Connect clusters
Add new Kafka Connect connectors easily
Restart or pause tasks
Configure or reconfigure Kafka Connect connectors

ACLs made easy

Managing ACLs can be a pain. Our wizard guides you through the creation of multiple ACLs. View all ACLs and find the ones that are of interest.

Create or delete ACLs
For Consumer Groups, Cluster, Topics & Tansactions
Wizard to create multiple ACLs at once

Ops with super powers

Consumer management

Detect failures of data deliveries or gaps in a data stream at a glance, or check consumer performance based on offsets lag.

View the flow of data & consumers
Monitor consumer lag
Reset consumer or consumer group offsets
Detect producer gaps at a glance

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