One tool for your whole stream team.

Try the industry’s most comprehensive Kafka UI solution. Use it for free as long as you like.
Upgrade to a paid version only when you need additional features and capabilities.

Kadeck for individuals

Run Kadeck Desktop on MacOS, Windows and Linux
Yearly (Save 25%)

Kadeck Desktop

Free desktop application
Free forever
One cluster
Remote and local cluster
All security protocols
Data catalog
Save two filters as
default views

Kadeck Pro

Upgrade for Kadeck Desktop
per month
Everything in Desktop, and:
Unlimited clusters
Create unlimited views
Use unlimited filters
Manage ACLs & quotas
Export & more

Kadeck for teams

Run Kadeck Teams as a container in your own infrastructure

Kadeck Teams

Free deployment for 5 users
Get started with up to 5 users
Free forever
Deploy in your infrastructure
One cluster
All security protocols
Data catalog
Save two filters as
default views
Share data views

Kadeck Enterprise

10+ users and enterprise features
per user/month,
billed annually
Everything in Teams, and:
Unlimited clusters
Create unlimited views
Use unlimited filters
Manage ACLs & Quotas
Data masking & 
password policies
LDAP & Audit log

Join our happy customers

"I really like Kadeck - it makes working with data from different sources very easy. The team features are great and save us a lot of time in our daily work."
- Christine, Consultant at SAP AG
"In Apache Kafka projects, you often can't see the forest for the topics.With Kadeck, we can set up a central data streaming platform for IT and business to keep track of everything - essential for developers, business and operations!"
- Martin, Chief Technologist CTO at Accso

Compare plans & features

Kadeck Teams is perfect for teams who want to collaborate through a centralized platform.
Kadeck Professional is ideal for professionals who work independently to support different clients.




Supported Platforms

Manage multiple clusters
Apache Kafka
Including Confluent, Aiven, Instaclustr, and other Kafka offerings
Amazon Kinesis
Work with topics and clusters in multiple windows simultaneously

Data Exploration

Data Browser
Live sheets (real-time data views)
Flow view
Time distribution view
Search for value or keys
Search using regex
No-code attribute filters
Data Catalog Basic
active connection
all connections
Data Catalog Advanced
For 5 users on Teams Free

Quick Processor

Filter & transform data with JavaScript
JavaScript V8 Engine
Filter data with JavaScript
Transform data with JavaScript


Intelligent Health Assistant
Cluster Metrics
Topic Metrics
Consumer Metrics

Advanced features

Consumer Management
Change offsets, delete, and more
Topic Management
Create, empty, delete, change configuration, labels & owners, and more
Ingest data
Ingest data to another stream
Custom Codecs
Build custom codecs for read/write
Schema Registry Management
Confluent, Apicurio, and more
Kafka Connect Management
ACLs Management
Quota Management
Data Masking & Data Protection Policies
Create Data Protection Policies for classifying and masking data


Kadeck Teams
Document APIs & data products
Create and manage API documentation for every topic
For 5 users on Teams Free
Share data views as links
Simplify troubleshooting by sharing links to incorrect data in topics
Groups & Roles
Fine-granular rights management
Only admin and user
Data Owners & Governance
For 5 users on Teams Free
Collaborate on data views
For topics, ACLs & consumer groups
Password policies
Audit log


Container or VM
e.g., Active Directory
OAuth 2 and Okta
Password policies
Okta, Keycloak and more
License re-assignment
Only Desktop Business
(contact us)
Floating licenses
Optional, 30+ users


Priority Support
Enterprise SLAs

Try before you buy

Try Kadeck's free Teams and Desktop versions to be sure it's right for you. For enterprise and SMB evaluations, please contact us. We will be happy to assist.


If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact support.

Is Kadeck Teams free?

Yes, Kadeck Teams is free and can be used in commercial environments. Kadeck Teams supports teams of up to 5 users.
Note that the free Kadeck Teams isn’t a trial version. Use it for free as long as you like, or until you’re ready to upgrade to a paid version.

Do you offer custom invoicing?

For Kadeck Teams Enterprise version you will receive pricing quotes and invoices. For Kadeck Desktop we offer custom invoicing for 10 or more user licenses. Please contact us for more information.

Can I run Kadeck without a connection?

Yes, Kadeck doesn't need an internet connection to run. You can even activate licenses using our offline activation process via our self-service portal.

Will Kadeck Teams run in the cloud?

Yes, Kadeck Teams can run in your own cloud or on-prem infrastructure. The data never leaves your infrastructure. Please contact us for a managed variant.

Can I reassign Kadeck licenses?

Each Kadeck Desktop Professional license is bound to a single individual (real person). You cannot share or reassign these licenses, e.g. if a colleague leaves the team. If you need reassignable Kadeck Desktop licenses, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kadeck Teams you can manage access to Kadeck at any time. Kadeck includes support for LDAP, such as Active Directory.

Where is Kadeck Web?

Kadeck Web has been replaced by Kadeck Teams.