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What is a Kafka Consumer?

A Kafka Consumer is an application that is used to fetch streaming messages from one or more Kafka topics. Each fetch retrieves a chunk of messages from a Kafka topic via a broker. Consumer offsets keep track of the point in the stream where the next fetch should begin. A Kafka consumer can reposition an offset forwards in order to skip over messages, or backwards to refetch it.

A Kafka consumer group is a set of consumers which work together to retrieve and process data from one or more topics. Each Kafka consumer in the group is assigned one or more partitions from which it fetches messages.

Kadeck is a
free Kafka UI that gives you insights into Kafka Consumers and makes managing them easier.

Kafka Consumer Dashboard

Troubleshooting Kafka consumer groups is an important task. The Kadeck Consumer View dashboard provides a variety of visualizations, metrics, and functions that make it easier to monitor and manage consumers. The Consumers View allows you to see and sort all Consumer Groups in a cluster at once so you can:

Identify slow Kafka consumers
Rewind or fast-forward consumer offsets
Clean up orphaned consumer groups
Kafka Consumer view dashboard
Drill into Kafka consumer performance details

Manage Kafka Consumer Performance

Kadeck allows you to quickly identify slow Consumer Groups. You can search Kafka consumers by name, topic, or even by performance filters. Clicking on the name of the consumer group drills down into consumer group details, where you can:

Reduce time and effort to uncover Apache Kafka consumer performance issues
Analyze consumer - partition throughput, lag, offsets in real time
Delete consumers and consumer groups
Reset consumer offsets

Visualize Kafka Flows

Kadeck allows you to visualize consumers and producers of every topic. The visualizations show you how your consumers and producers interact with each topic and partition so you can optimize and troubleshoot your topic configurations.

Quickly reveal unbalanced Kafka topics
Discover message production and consumption patterns
Analyze result sets and partition offsets to understand flow status in real time
visualize Kafka flows
Control Kafka consumer group ACLs

Control Kafka Consumer ACLs

Restricting access to consumer groups can be a challenge. The Kadeck ACL wizard makes it easy to view, create, and delete consumer group ACLs.

Step-by-step guide makes it easy to create multiple ACLs simultaneously
Operationalize compliance with little effort

Manage Kafka Consumer Quotas

Consumers can retrieve very high volumes of data, and generate requests at a very high rate. This can monopolize broker resources, cause network saturation and denial-of-service for other clients and the brokers themselves. Kafka quotas protect against these issues. Kadeck makes it easy to create and manage Kafka consumer quotas:

Enforce performance patterns
Create, delete and update quotas in real-time
Manage Kafka consumer quotas

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