Control all aspects of Apache Kafka from a single UI

Get your Kafka superpowers: with dedicated views for each Kafka component, your work becomes easy and frustration-free. Have more time for what's fun at work:
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Manage Schemas

Manage schemas, versions and schema references.

Connect to Schema Registry
Manage schemas, versions and reference other schemas
Use Protocol Buffers, Avro, and JSON
Kadeck's built-in topic documentation and API documentation for Apache Kafka lets you create and manage API docuemtnation for every topic in real-time

Manage Kafka Connect

Configure or reconfigure Kafka Connect with a step-by-step wizard.

Manage multiple Kafka Connect clusters simultaneously
Add new Kafka Connect connectors easily
Restart or pause tasks

Manage ACLs

Managing ACLs can be a pain. Our wizard guides you through the creation of multiple ACLs. View all ACLs and find the ones that are of interest.

Create, view, and delete ACLs with ease
Set up ACLs for consumer groups, clusters, topics & transactions
Use Kadeck's step-by-step guide to quickly create multiple ACLs simultaneously

Manage consumers

Detect delivery failures or gaps at a glance. Monitor data flow and consumer performance based on offsets lag in real-time.

Reset consumer or consumer group offsets
Monitor consumer lag
Detect producer gaps

Manage quotas

Manage quotas directly with Kadeck's Quota management view.

Create, delete and update quotas in real-time
Supports all quota types

Manage clusters

Kadeck is capable of managing multiple clusters and supports all Apache Kafka variants.

Manage multiple connections from one place
Supports SSL (with custom keystore) and SASL with GSSAPI, SCRAM, AWS_MSK_IAM, OAUTHBEARER
Secure connections to any Schema Registry as well as Apache Kafka Connect
Works with all Apache Kafka variants, Redpanda and AWS Kinesis

Manage local testing

Start a local Apache Kafka broker directly with Kadeck.

Start a local Apache Kafka broker locally
Flexibly configure Apache Kafka the way you like
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