Our mission

At Xeotek, it's all about data streaming. Based in Germany, we help developers and Global 2000 companies worldwide to build, operate, and optimize scalable data streaming applications.


Developers worldwide

Over 100k developers trust in Kadeck for developing and managing Apache Kafka.



Kadeck is used in over 50 countries on 6 continents.


Founding year

We were founded in 2017 in Frankfurt am Main.

An engineering first company

In late 2017, our company was founded by Ben, who himself was a freelancer in the big data space for many years and knows the pain of developing data-driven applications. Does it have to be pain? We don’t think so.We are researching and developing new technologies. Our international team of experts consists of high-level software engineers from well-known IT companies and top researchers.

Make data streaming accessible

Our mission is to simplify the development and operation of data streaming applications.

Our values

Communication + Innovation

Rational and reasoned acting

When we make decisions and take actions, we make sure that our considerations are based on rationality and are well-reasoned. We ignore our egos or titles."It's always been that way" or "Others do it that way too" is a no-go.

FAIL = First Attempt in Learning

We encourage creative and new ways of doing things. Leaving the normal path means increasing the risk of failure. Failure is okay. We stand by it and learn from it to become better. Failure is an integral part of evolution.

Direct communication

We value direct communication without verbosity. However, we do not communicate in a hurtful way, but empathetically: everyone does their best and does what they think is best. Everyone can be wrong sometimes. We are aware of this fact and value our colleagues at all times by acting accordingly.

Explicit instead of Implicit

We formulate thoughts or ideas, questions or work tasks in an explicit way. Every person is different: unfortunately, we cannot (yet) share thoughts and ideas telepathically. Therefore, we must resort to explicit, clear communication. We prefer to repeat things or to say "obvious" things clearly. Often it is not so obvious to others.

Encourage others

We recognize and focus on the strengths of our colleagues and encourage them.

Always one step ahead

Our actions must not only help our customers, but give them an advantage over others. That's why we support our customers wherever we can, even if it means going the extra mile.

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