Intelligent Kafka ops

Kadeck is the most powerful Apache Kafka monitoring platform. Look inside Kafka clusters, consumers, topics, and more. Achieve five nines with the industry's first AI-based intelligent Health Assistant.


The telescope for your Kafka universe

Detect errors early and ensure uninterrupted uptime.
Our intelligent AI health assistant identifies issues before they impact performance.

Incoming and outgoing data

Monitor incoming and outgoing data streams. Detect anomalies and fix issues before cluster performance is impacted.

Disk utilization and more

Ensure sufficient disk storage and identify and fix retention and replication issues.

Partition and leader skewness

Detect and solve topic partitioning and partition distribution issues to improve stability and performance.


Monitor, identify and fix
- all in one place

Kadeck does it all. Monitor, identify, and fix cluster problems without switching between different tools. Monitor all key metrics to detect errors early and ensure uninterrupted uptime.


Health Assistant

The world's first AI-based Health Assistant for Apache Kafka helps you understand data, detect problems early, and automatically takes first action on incidents.

Dangling partitions

Monitor consumer groups that are not subscribed to all partitions of a topic to avoid data loss.

Kafka Connect Auto Restart

Improve the uptime of your Kafka Connect instances by letting AI Health Assistant notify you and automatically restart crashed tasks.

In-Sync Replicas & URPs

Health Assistant continuously monitors partitions and replicas and reports problems, including when they first occurred.

Health Assistant
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Health Assistant
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