Kadeck 4.3 just released: new Consumer View, Topic API Documentation, new metrics, and more.
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Your team's Apache Kafka tool belt

Kadeck is your collaboration platform for Apache Kafka that provides everything Kafka experts need through an intuitive UI that domain experts love.

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Kafka UI - Kafka data browser
The Kafka UI trusted by more than 100,000 users from companies like:

Kadeck makes Kafka better


operational effort for common Kafka tasks by up to 90%.


mean time to recovery (MTTR) by as much as 75%.


Kafka clusters with user authentication, access controls, and audit logs.


data engineering and business to maximize data streaming application ROI.

Kafka UI stack diagram

Do more faster

Improve engineering productivity, while gaining precise control over every aspect of Apache Kafka.

Make data accessible

Find the right data right when you need it with extensive filtering and exploration capabilities
Create and share data as live sheets
Improve data accessibility for business users
Kafka UI - streaming data browser
Kafka UI - access control screen

Control & monitor Kafka with one click

Manage everything from a single, easy-to-use Kafka UI
Build and operate data streaming applications, reduce errors, and increase velocity
Create and control topics and manage ACLs, Kafka Connect, Schemas, Consumers, and much more

Cheers to the team

Support self-sufficient Kafka teams with comprehensive self-serve capabilities
Manage permissions and rights across projects and departments
Align engineering and business to maximize streaming ROI
Kafka UI - topic documentation tool screen
Kafka UI for troubleshooting

Test, test, 1-2, 1-2

Test applications quickly and easily
Ensure correct producer and consumer behavior
Provide business and test teams with data verification capabilities

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From single users to multiple teams

Kadeck is available as a desktop application for single users and as a web service for teams.

Kadeck Desktop

For single users

Desktop application for Mac, Win & Linux

Browse & analyse data with extensive filtering capabilities

Manage topics, Kafka Connect, Schema Registry, ACLs and more

Monitor consumers and producers

Create test data and route data to other topics

Kadeck Web

For teams

Web service that runs in your infrastructure

All features of Kadeck Desktop, plus:

Self-service teams with namespaces and enforced naming schemes on topics and ACLs

Organize all streams in your company

Fine-granular rights management with LDAP integration, e.g. Active Directory

Audit log to keep track of everything


Can’t find the answer here? Contact our sales team.

How can I try Kadeck Professional?

All you need to do is download Kadeck Free. A 10-day trial version of Kadeck Professional is included in the package and starts on first startup.

How can I try Kadeck Web?

We have a Kadeck Web All-In-One box that comes bundled with Apache Kafka and some demo applications. It requires Docker to be installed on your machine. Contact us if you want to try out Kadeck Web with your own data in your infrastructure.

Which version shall I use for my team?

Definitely Kadeck Web! Kadeck Web runs as a web service in your infrastructure (cloud or on-prem) as a container or on a VM. Users login over the web browser. Access to features, e.g., topics or ACLs can be configured using groups and roles.

What does the free version offer?

The free version "Kadeck Free" has certain limitations over the Kadeck Professional version. You can learn more about the differences on our Pricing page. However, Kadeck Free comes with a 10-day trial of Kadeck Professional.

How to setup Kadeck Web?

Kadeck Web is very easy to setup. The container is configured using environment variables. The connections to Apache Kafka and other components are added via the user interface. Only an external database for storing data is required. Kadeck Web can also be operated as a cluster.