Navigate real-time data and share data views with colleagues


Kadeck’s Data Browser is the easiest way to find data and make it accessible for engineering teams and non-technical users alike.

Browse data streams in real-time
Filter records by attributes
Use JavaScript to power complex filtering logic


Data Views make it easy to save and share individual data extracts and reports based on all types of filtering criteria and transformations.

Make data streaming accessible to everyone in the organization
Promote collaboration and alignment across engineering and business
Take advantage of familiar spreadsheet-like UI; no special training required
Highlight and share critical data sets, bugs, and erroneous data


Use Kadeck’s Data Catalog to organize streams for easy identification, sharing, and collaboration.

Label data with ownernames and key attributes
Provide overviews for all streams
Find the right streams instantly
Organize streams by department or data


Take advantage of popular codecs or write and load your own.

Supports structured data such as JSON, Avro, and Protobuf
Handles numeric types such as Integer, Float, Long and Double as well as plain string text and CSVs
Create custom codecs to extend Kadeck’s coverage and capabilities
Use codecs to read and write data to streams


Export data for further processing.

Select complete data sets or specific records of interest
Export records as CSV or JSON

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