Build, share, and secure real-time data streaming applications


Make real-time data streams accessible to everyone regardless of technical training.

Support active collaboration between engineering and business
Ensure data streaming investment is supporting company objectives
Transform traditional operations into real-time businesses


Team spaces are secure environments in which teams have independent control over their topics without interfering with other teams.

Create secure, independent spaces for projects or departments
Define fine-granular groups and access rights
Enforce naming schemes on topics and ACLs
Restrict ACLs and topics control to team-relevant resources


Administer access to features and data by group and/or role using popular directory services, such as LDAP, Active Directory and more.

Oversee multiple environments at one time
Connect with LDAP, e.g. Active Directory
Manage multiple connections from one interface


Collaborate on a centralized platform across multiple environments.

Deploys in seconds and only requires Postgres or H2
Access through browser


Every action is recorded in Kadeck's audit log so that everything remains trackable.

Track and record every action
Manage audit access and permissions
Operationalize compliance with no additional effort

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