Kadeck 5.0 - A quantum leap in Apache Kafka infrastructure monitoring

Kafka monitoring and control just got a lot smarter!

Kadeck 5.0 - A quantum leap in Apache Kafka infrastructure monitoring

We are excited to announce the release of Kadeck 5.0.

As a team, there is nothing more exciting than releasing something truly new and revolutionary.

Kadeck 5.0 revolutionizes Apache Kafka Monitoring in many ways and raises the bar in the industry even higher: Kadeck 5 comes with a groundbreaking new Kafka Monitoring section and the industry's first AI-based Health Assistant. This release is all about the Kafka infrastructure.

Our goal with Kadeck 5.0 is to provide the best tools to run your Kafka infrastructure with more confidence at any scale.

Kadeck 5.0 is therefore the first intelligent Kafka Ops platform.

AI-powered Apache Kafka Health Assistant

Kadeck 5.0 introduces a groundbreaking AI-powered Kafka Health Assistant. Whether you are new to Kafka or an experienced pro, the AI Assistant will help keep your Kafka infrastructure operating smoothly 24 x 7. 

Apache Kafka platform operators will find the AI Assistant invaluable. It continuously assesses the health of your Kafka clusters, topics, consumers, and partitions. When it detects issues, it alerts you and automatically recommends changes that will improve performance and avoid downtime. 

Kadeck’s AI Assistant is present in the new monitoring section and as part of the consumers and Kafka Connect views.

Apache Kafka Monitoring

Kadeck 5.0 also includes a new Apache Kafka Monitoring module. The addition of the Kafka Monitoring module makes Kadeck the industry’s most complete Kafka performance solution, allowing you to not only monitor, but also analyze and troubleshoot Kafka performance quickly and confidently from a single platform.

The new module contains three new dashboards: Overview, Broker monitoring and Topic monitoring. The dashboards visualize real-time and historic key Kafka metrics:

The most complete Kafka monitoring and troubleshooting system…

Unlike other Apache Kafka monitoring tools, Kadeck allows you to drill down and analyze your Kafka clusters to determine–and quickly fix–the root cause of problems. For instance, you drill down into topics or consumers to see how data flows from  producers to consumers within your system. You can also see the team members who are responsible for maintaining the topics.

New consumer management enhancements

Kadeck contains many features for analyzing and reconfiguring Kafka consumers and consumer groups. Kadeck 5.0 introduces a new ability to view consumers and consumer lag grouped by topic. In this view, the total lag of all consumer groups is aggregated for each topic, which makes it easy to see whether certain topics are experiencing lag problem

The new Health Assistant monitors your consumer groups and notifies you, if, for example, a consumer group is not consuming from all partitions of a topic which can lead to data loss.

Kafka Connect auto-restart

To make it easier for infrastructure and operations teams to ensure higher uptime, the new Health Assistant can monitor and restart crashed Kafka Connect tasks. This helps ensure data streaming continuity 24x7 with less manual oversight.

Other Kadeck Enhancements

  • Navigate records in the data browser using the arrow keys
  • Topic details view no longer closes if you click a record twice
  • Protobuf Codec improvements
  • Security improvements

Get started with Kadeck 5.0 - check your Kafka health!

The Kafka monitoring module, the AI-powered Kafka health assistant, and Kadeck Connect auto-restart features are available in Kadeck Pro or Kadeck Enterprise. You'll also find premium features like Kafka access control (RBAC/ACL), ability to manage unlimited number of clusters, and more.

Or you can get the free-forever editions of Kadeck 5.0--used by thousands of Kafka team members to speed up development and troubleshooting.

Kadeck 5.0 - A quantum leap in Apache Kafka infrastructure monitoring

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