Kadeck 5.1

Kadeck's AI-based Health Assistant now sends messages to your favorite tools like Slack, Teams, via email or Pagerduty and other features.

What's new

Kadeck 5.1 brings a brand new Alert Notifications section to Kadeck. This way you will be informed about problems in your Kafka system and can fix them before others are affected. Receive notifications in your favorite tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pagerduty or via email.

The AI-based Health Assistant has been enhanced and is now smarter than ever. Improve the availability and reliability of your Kafka system with intelligent support from Kadeck.

Security is an important component: whether for companies with 5 users or 800+ users, with version 5.1. we take Kadeck security to a new level. This is our commitment as a partner to the largest banks, critical infrastructure and logistics companies that depend on security without compromise.

Unfortunately, some bugs have crept into the gigantic Kadeck 5 release, which have now also been fixed with Kadeck 5.1.
We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new features!

Your Kadeck team

Patch 5.1.13

  1. Fixed a JsonParsing error on the consumer groups page, which previously rendered Kadeck inoperative for some users.
  2. Resolved a ConcurrentModification error in Kadeck Teams that could sporadically occur during the synchronization of monitoring data.
  3. Improved memory efficiency in Kadeck Teams by optimizing the serialization process for monitoring data.
  4. Corrected an issue where filtering by time would omit the latest record.
  5. Fixed an issue where expanded rows were not rendered correctly in tables on Firefox.
  6. Addressed a rendering issue with upgrade icons across the platform.

Patch 5.1.12

  1. Fixes scrollbars
  2. Adds resilience for consumer groups & data browser
  3. Adds resilience for monitoring
  4. Fixes consumer group visibility for restricted users
  5. Adds codec information to key and value table headers in data browser
  6. Improves data browser UX
  7. Improves create topic dialog UX
  8. Improves colors
  9. Adds "open in data catalog" option to data browser
  10. Fixes hidden multi-select status bar on consumer groups page
  11. Fixes missing header bar on Kadeck Desktop floating windows on some pages

Patch 5.1.11

  1. Improves wording & fixes grammar on the UI.
  2. Upgrades vulnerable dependencies

Patch 5.1.10

  1. Improves consumer groups performance.
  2. Fixes missing schema registry user info for some codecs and connection test.
  3. Adds xeotek_kadeck_monitoring_mode configuration to limit the number of concurrent monitoring scans per connection to 1 when set to "flex". Defaults to "strict".

Patch 5.1.9

  1. Fixes missing top padding on some cards
  2. Fixes consumer groups not being shown on refresh

Patch 5.1.8

New JMX metrics for the monitoring section:

  1. Bytes In (MB/Sec)
  2. Bytes Out (MB/Sec)
  3. Producers Req Rate (/s) In
  4. Consumers Req Rate (/s) Out

Patch 5.1.7

  1. Fixes consumer not showing up on consumer page in certain scenarios.
  2. Fixes in-sync calculation.

Patch 5.1.6

  1. Added feature to import and export topics
  2. Added feature to disable Hazelcast metrics
  3. Enhanced exception catching on consumer synchronizer
  4. Added restrictions to disallow roles with the same name
  5. Added restrictions to disallow groups with the same name
  6. Fixed the decimal places in sync replicas
  7. Resolved scrolling issue on Kafka Connect screen

Patch 5.1.5

  • Schemas named <topic>-key and <topic>-value will show up in the data catalog and topic details automatically
  • Topic, schemas, consumers, etc.. can now be open in separate windows and/or tabs
  • Fixes floating windows on linux showing in the wrong monitor
  • Fixes floating windows lingering after main windows is closed
  • Fixes auto-restart entries not being cleaned up after a connect cluster is removed
  • Fixes partition selection drop-down in Data Browser

Patch 5.1.4

  • Fixes schemas deleted outside Kadeck were still visible in Kadeck
  • Fixes calculation of in sync replicas count
  • Fixes incident being generated of Apicurio schema registries being down when it wasn't

Patch 5.1.3

  • Small custom properties fix

Patch 5.1.2

  • Add custom properties when creating connections for greater flexibility
  • Use all dns ips on kafka clients by default apart from SASL Kerberos
  • Bug fix for failure to file upload
  • Bug fix for NPE when ldap fetches a user with no groups
  • Bug fix concurrency issues when deserialising avro

Patch 5.1.1 (Day one)

  • Adds temporary DNS lookup configuration via environment variable xeotek_kadeck_connection_mode (set to "confluent" for use_all_dns_ips lookup).
  • Incidents weren't resolved if connection details changed.

Release 5.1.0

  1. Added a new alert notification section with integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pagerduty and email.
  2. Improved Health Assistant to detect more issues.
  3. Added incidents to the Health Assistant in combination with alerts.
  4. Show more data in the data catalog with additional columns such as record count, retention size, retention period and retention policy.

Security improvements

  1. Resets log in form on password failures
  2. Brute force password discovery protection
  3. Tighten up CORS
  4. More secure content security policy
  5. Stricter content-type API policy
  6. Improved cross site request forgery protection
  7. Updates dependency version to remove security vulnerabilities
  8. Bug fix for disk space calculations in metrics
  9. Bug Fix for topic metrics calculations that were generating NPEs
  10. Bug Fix for SSL issues with the schema registry
  11. Bug Fix for ‘search from the beginning’ button on empty data browser search
  12. Bug Fix for content on empty data browser search

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Bug fix for disk space calculations in metrics.
  • Bug Fix for topic metrics calculations that were generating NPEs.
  • Bug Fix for SSL issues with the schema registry.
  • Start a search from the beginning of the stream with one click.