Kadeck 4.3.0

New views and UX improvements for easier, better insights into your Apache Kafka data and performance.

What's new

Introducing the Consumer View

  • Keeping track of all consumers is now easier than ever. Identify slow consumers across all topics, and delete consumer groups you no longer need. 

Data Catalog Improvements

  • More topic insights! The Topic Configuration view has been moved to the Data Catalog, and now shows more stats at a glance, including, the number of records in the topic. It is accessible via the "..." menu item on the right side of each topic entry.
  • A new "Topic Overview" view has been added and is now the default view when clicking on a topic name in the Data Catalog.
  • The Data Catalog is now even more powerful. Keep track of disk space by sorting by log sizes and see partition and replication issues at a glance.

Topic (API) Documentation

Worse than documentation that no one reads is outdated documentation! 

  • With Kadeck you can now keep your Topics, documentation, Topic metrics and configurations together and up to date. Topic (API) documentation can be created via a new rich text editor in the Topic Overview.

UI/UX Improvements

We have introduced UI and UX improvements to provide a fresher and friendlier experience, including:

  • Introduction of flexible tables. With movable and resizable table columns, working in Kadeck is even easier.
  • Connections now have colors! Easily distinguish between production, test, and other environments with customizable colors for Connections.
  • Fast switching between Connections. Since the first version, Kadeck has supported parallel management of multiple clusters. But now, managing multiple clusters is even faster. A new drop-down menu allows switching between clusters from any view.
  • The display of a topic's data in the Kadeck Data Browser can now be enlarged to full screen, and the position and size of columns (e.g. individual attributes) can be changed.
  • The Ingestion Dialog for creating new datasets now uses a code editor that supports search & replace functionality and syntax highlighting.
  • The Limit dropdown in the Data Browser has been replaced by a "Max Results" dropdown. Instead of specifying the number of records to scan as before, the selected value of Max Results now determines the number of actual results returned. For example, when searching from “Earliest” with filters, the search will now continue until the desired number of search results have been found and not until a certain number of records have been scanned. This makes it easier to find records in a topic.

Security Improvements

  • Keystores and truststores can now be uploaded via a file browser in the Connections creation dialog instead of manually configuring the path as before.
  • Fine-grained consumer permissions: these can now be set to Write, Read, and Delete for all or specific consumer groups.