Kadeck 4.0.0

The biggest release in the company's history so far, with a UI redesigned from the ground up and countless features and improvements.

What's new

Today, we at Xeotek are pleased to announce the biggest release of Kadeck to date.

Release 4.0.0 is a very special milestone for all of us - a release whose scope consists of changes and new features that will tangibly, literally visibly change the way you work with Kadeck and Apache Kafka.

The Kadeck Team

The new user interface has been developed from scratch

We have developed a completely new user interface that not only makes Kadeck shine in a modern and new light. Many functions are now easier to use, faster to find and self-explanatory.

A new Data Catalog view has been introduced

The more data streaming applications you implement in your company, the more streams or topics you will create. This can quickly come at the expense of overview and transparency.

Stay organized and stay on top of things: see and manage all your streams across multiple clusters from one central location. Label streams and assign data owners and know who is responsible for the data.

Delete or empty multiple streams at once, e.g. to clean up your test environment.

Streams can now be labeled to make them easier to find

Use labels to catalog your data streams and keep track of them.

Naming schemes and team assignments can now be defined for ACLs

It is now possible to allow teams to create, delete and manage their topics and create associated ACLs in their name (“team”) space.

It is now easier to navigate your data streams

We overhauled the filter and display section in the Data Browser to make it easier to find data sets in the past, filter by attributes of the data objects or use a search string.

Bug fixes & improvements:

The parallelization factor for consuming data streams can now be set in the settings.

Favorites (topics or views) are now preserved across multiple browsers.

It is now possible to use logical operators (e.g. greater than or less than) on datasets that do not contain a structured (e.g. Json) object but only have a simple value, e.g. a numeric value.

The way we consume data has been fundamentally reworked and is now more efficient and reliable.

If you use the simple search instead of the filters, it is now possible to search for Key and Value at the same time.

It is now possible to test the connection configuration for all components when creating a new connection in Kadeck.

Many more smaller bug fixes and improvements.