Kadeck 3.1.9

Update 3.1.9 is a maintenance update for Kadeck Web that fixes several bugs and includes minor enhancements.

What's new


  • Amazon IAM is now supported for authentication (select AWS_MSK_IAM under SASL settings).

SchemaRegistry Support

  • Older versions of the schema registry lead to an error that was related to a missing mode endpoint. With this update, a default mode is now set when no mode endpoint is available.


  • Added home path configuration: the home path can be used to change the URL through which the KaDeck Web UI and API are accessible. Learn more.

Floating licenses

  • When purchasing KaDeck Web Enterprise with floating licenses, users were marked as "not covered" in the license overview. This had no effect on the functionality (the marked users could log in as long as the active number of users did not exceed the number of floating licenses), but it caused confusion. This update resolves this issue.