Apache Kafka monitoring

Automate Kafka monitoring

If you are like most Apache Kafka users, you rely on Kafka to deliver data continuously, 24x7. Kafka monitoring is essential to help avoid downtime and poor performance.

Kadeck's Kafka Health Assistants automatically identify and report on Apache Kafka cluster performance issues in real-time.

Reduce time and effort to uncover Apache Kafka cluster performance issues
Provide detailed health reports that describe problems and recommend solutions to get your clusters working smoothly again
Monitor Kafka cluster performance and health across all key areas, including topics and consumers, to ensure no issue goes unnoticed
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Kafka monitoring - Health Assistants

Kafka Monitoring Dashboards

Kafka Monitoring - Cluster Dashboard

Monitor Kafka clusters

Kadeck’s Kafka Cluster Dashboard serves as the unified Kafka monitoring and operations command center.

Provides a comprehensive overview of your entire Apache Kafka cluster in a single location
Identifies issues before they escalate and impact system stability
Monitors Kafka cluster performance, including throughput, latency, and error rates

Monitoring Kafka topics

Kadeck's Kafka Topic Dashboard provides detailed metrics to help monitor message rates, producer and consumer performance, and data processing efficiency.

Ensures smooth topic operation and optimal processing performance
Provides comprehensive Kafka topic monitoring metrics, including message rates, data size, and partition distribution
Identifies unused topics and optimizes storage costs and data retention policies
Free-forever Kafka monitoring for you or your team.
Kafka Monitoring - Topic Dashboard

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