Essential for teams

Accelerate teams and create structure and transparency with
Kadeck Web/Server. Runs in your infrastructure or cloud.

Collaborate efficiently

Share knowledge

Found a bug in the data and want to share it or simply give access to the data for testing purposes or to create awareness?

Share links to erroneous data with colleagues
Create views for non-technical users
Let the test or business team validate the data
Make data streaming vivid

Know who is in charge

The data catalog lets you assign data owners for streams so that everyone knows who is in charge.

Assign data owners to streams
Organize streams by department or by their data
View streams across multiple environments
Compare streams between multiple environments

Unleash team efficiency

No more support tickets

Let teams manage streams, ACLs and other features on their own. Create namespaces so teams only have access to their own streams.

Create namespaces for projects or departments
Allow teams to manage streams in their namespace
Let teams create their own ACLs for their namespace

Make compliance happy

Every action is recorded in Kadeck's audit log so that everything remains trackable.

Audit log that tracks every action
Allow individual access to the audit log
Data Catalog

Company-wide all data streams at a glance

Data catalog

Organize your streams of all environments in one spot by using labels and assigning data owners.

See who is in charge of a stream
Assign labels to streams
Compare streams across environments
Rights Management

Fine-granular rights management

Create teams and roles

Access to features, streams and ACLs is managed through groups. You can sync users and groups using LDAP, e.g. Active Directory.

Enforce naming schemes on topics and ACL ids
Create namespaces for managing streams
Connect with LDAP, e.g. Active Directory
Sync users and access to features and data

Runs in your infrastructure

Kadeck Web

Deploy Kadeck Web as a web container (e.g., by using a Docker image) in your cloud or on-prem infrastructure.

Only a Postgres or H2 database is required
Setup is as easy as any cloud native application
Users access Kadeck Web through the web browser
HA & load-balancing possible

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